Founder Marsharne Graves, NFL ALUMNUS

Marsharne Graves, former professional player for the Denver Broncos (1984-1985) and Indianapolis Colts (1987), has taken several journeys in his post-football career.In May 1999, Graves completed his undergrad degree at Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. After a short stint working in the juvenile court system, as well as in the public school system, he decided it was time to continue his education and pursue a graduate degree. In June 2014, he graduated from American Public University (APU) with a Master of Science in Sports Management. Most recently, Graves was recognized by APU and the National Football League Player Association as an Ambassador for being the first retired or active professional football player from the NFL to ever graduate with a Master of Science in Sports Management from APU.

Graves was then inspired to fulfill his vision of launching his very own line of performance wear t-shirts on October 1, 2014, called PLAYAHOLIC into cyberspace. When asked about what prompted him to launch his own business, Graves reflected on a class he took called, “Sports Entrepreneurship.” One of the primary assignments was to write a business plan. “Writing the business plan made me realize that I could stay connected with the sports industry by launching my own brand of performance wear t-shirts as an e-commerce business,” Graves explained.“ Most importantly, I felt I had a unique brand in PLAYAHOLIC, where it could be affiliated with all types of sports in general.”“As a former professional athlete, I feel the passion and motivation to achieve personal goals like I once did on the field and now I feel the same passion and motivation off the field when it comes to launching my performance t-shirt line to the sports industry.” Graves said. “I feel great about my brand PLAYAHOLIC and I’m really excited about the future.”

PLAYAHOLIC performance wear t-shirts are designed for both the athlete and nonathlete in mind. Our performance wear t-shirts are made from the following materials of polyester, spandex, and cotton. Constructed here in the U.S.A. our performance wear t-shirts are designed to feel lightweight, roomy, and comfortable with the goal in mind of controlling sweat during workouts at the gym playing basketball, lifting weights, racquetball, running, spinning, stretching, Zumba and other high-intensity exercise regiments workouts. Available in different colors, sizes, and styles to choose from in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless for men, women and kids alike.